6 Ways to Effectively Get Rid of Mold

As a homeowner, we are concerned about possible hazards to our well-being. One of the nasty inconveniences that we sometimes deal with is having a presence of mold in the home.

Mold in your household can become a significant problem if you leave it untreated. While mold can cause structural damage to your property, it also is a hazard to your health. Many individuals have an allergic reaction that is generated as a result of a mold infestation. Although mold can create an unwanted problem in our house, it can be eradicated with some necessary items. Whether it is hot or cold outside, the formation of mold is still possible inside your house. Understanding safe, yet effective mold removal strategies will keep your family and home protected. Here are six ways you can get rid of mold quickly and effectively.

1 - Use Vinegar

Vinegar has been known to be an excellent combatant for mold. If you dislike using harmful products, then using vinegar can be a safer option. To begin, fill up a spray bottle with vinegar so you can apply it effectively to the problem areas. You can use vinegar on most hard surfaces like your bathroom counters. Wait for at least 20 to 30 minutes after treating the area then reapply the vinegar again. Wipe it clean with a washcloth afterward.

2 - Use Bleach

Although bleach is not a natural solution for mold, it proves to be just as effective in removing it. The chlorine contained in bleach attacks mold effectively, and it provides a quick remedy. Similarly, to vinegar, it should be applied in a few phases. Spray the affected area but wait for at least 30 minutes until you apply the bleach again. When you are using bleach, it is recommended to wear a face mask and gloves.

3 - Try Borax

Did you know that borax isn't just for getting rid of ants? You may not have heard of this solution for mold, but it is another way to fix your problem. The simple process of mixing some borax with water will give you the perfect mold cleaner. With a brush, you can eradicate mold on your bathroom walls quickly. After treating the fungus with borax, you can spray your walls with vinegar or bleach to prevent future mold formation.

4 - Use Detergent

Using a household detergent and water can help to clean surfaces with mold easily and effectively. You can use a dish cloth, sponge or scrub brush depending on the type of surface that you are cleaning. You will want to scrub and dry the surface, getting rid of any traces of mold. You may need to repeat the process a few times to garner your desired results. 

5 - Reduce Moisture

An elevated moisture level inside your home will be breed mold. As a fungus that needs water to grow, it is important that you don't forgo cleaning the moist areas of your home. For instance, cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis is important because this is typically the room in the house with the most moisture. Open your windows to get some airflow into your home and consider buying a dehumidifier. As a rule, think about areas in your home prone to the most moisture and think about how you'll keep them dry.

6 - Use A Professional

If you have tried to get rid of mold alone, but you haven't been successful, it may be time to contact a professional mold removal company. The professionals may be able to identify the best remedy for your mold infestation. Hire a company with a good reputation that will work to help with your problem safely. They may also give you some tips to prevent another problem from happening.

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