Dealing With Back Pain

Back pain can be extremely debilitating, preventing sufferers from engaging in everyday activities. While the severity and location of the pain can vary from lower to upper back pain, there are many different ways that those who face chronic back pain can identify the cause and obtain relief.

Despite the wide treatment options for back pain, very simple methods can be utilized in order to prevent foreseeable back pain and bring relief to current pain sufferers.

 Common Causes of Back Pain

  • Muscle Strain
    • Physically demanding activity can strain various back muscles, leading to muscle spasms and discomfort. Individuals who are in poor physical condition should be wary when lifting heavy objects or engaging in intense physical activity, as this may lead to overworked and swollen muscles.
  • Herniated Disc
    • Discs act as soft cushions between the bones of the spine. Individuals with a herniated disc may experience back pain due to the displacement of the soft tissue between their bones, likely due to wear and tear of the spine. The pain associated with a herniated disc is likely due to a pinched nerve between the vertebrae.
  • Osteoporosis
    • As bones become porous and brittle due to lack of calcium, the spine may develop small fractures, leading to frequent pain.
  • Skeletal Irregularities
    • Spinal conditions, such as severe scoliosis, may lead to chronic back pain, due to the curvature of the spine.

How to Prevent Back Pain

  • Avoid Heavy Lifting or Adopt Proper Lifting Methods
    • Be careful when lifting heavy objects, ensuring to not twist while lifting and placing more weight on the legs. Make sure not to lift heavy objects repeatedly and only lift what you are capable of.
  • Maintain a proper posture
    • Maintaining a straight posture will ensure that excessive pressure is not placed on the spine. Utilizing spine stretching exercises can also help relieve pressure in the spine.
  • Maintaining an Active and Healthy Lifestyle
    • Ensuring that one maintains a healthy bodyweight will help relieve excess strain on the back, leading to greater back pain.

Back Pain Treatment Options

There are many back pain treatment options, varying from home remedies, to medications and procedures provided by a physician. Make sure to consult a doctor about the treatment plan that will work best for your type of back pain.

  • Over-The-Counter Pain Medication
    • Mild and intermittent back pain may best be treated through oral pain medication found at your local pharmacy. Check with your doctor or pharmacist for a reccomendation as to which works best for you.
  • Physical Therapy
    • Exercise and accident-induced back pain may best be treated through physical therapy, including treatments such as electrical stimulations, ultrasound, and muscle release techniques.
  •  Surgery
    • Surgery is not a common treatment for back pain and may only be recommended for sufferers with chronic and severe pain. Most surgery for back pain is utilized to aid with herniated discs that have not responded to other treatments and chronic pain due to nerve compression.
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