No One Likes Cold Season: Beat the Cold This Time!

One of the most tedious ways to get sick is through something as simple as the common cold. Basic remedies seem to all advertise someone with the cold the same.

They are in bed with a red nose and used tissues nearby. These people all conveniently feel much better in the second half of the advertisement.

The truth is that having a cold can be far more a drain on people. You tend to pass it around your entire family or office if you have it first. The cold will usually only last for a couple of days. However for some people it can really drag on for several days and ruin an entire week.

There are many dozens of cold remedies and treatments that are available from pharmacists or naturopaths. Trying to choose from all of these remedies can sometimes seem overwhelming. What’s good is that most of them can help with the symptoms and make your cold more manageable.

Common Cold

What is is the common cold?  Some people think that it’s just some symptoms when your body is off. The truth is that the cold is actually a viral disease. It’s certainly not the most severe of viral diseases, but it can still be quite tedious.

People who suffer from the common cold tend to have the same symptoms. Part of the problem with the cold is that it’s not that serious. Since people feel on the fringe of being healthy, they often will overexert themselves or do things they shouldn’t. This means that they go out and about and associate with people who are not ill. This often leads to transmission of the cold and a whole new set of people who are dealing with the problems caused by it.

Cold Symptoms

Many people lump a lot of symptoms and problems into the same category and just label it a cold. However that’s not true. Colds have fairly specific symptoms since they are located in the upper respiratory tract. Here are symptoms to look out for:

  • Coughing - Almost everyone has had a cough due to their cold. They can be productive or nonproductive coughs. (Mucus generated, or not)
  • Sore Throat - For some, the sore throat is the worst aspect of a cold. This will also often link with ear pain as well.
  • Runny/Stuffy Nose - Losing control of your nasal area can be incredibly frustrating. It’s messy and feels very uncomfortable.
  • Sneezing - People who are suffering from a cough will also deal with some serious sneezing. That sneezing is pretty common when there are temperature or environmental changes.

Some people enjoy all of these symptoms at once, but others often feel like the symptoms almost take turns. Some colds will cycle through the symptoms while maintaining an overall malaise. These colds will drag on for quite a while.

Cold Remedies

There are cold remedies throughout the pharmacy section. The thing is, these are remedies because the cold isn’t really treatable. Some medication to treat the symptoms while receiving bed rest is typically the best way to handle things.

Cold remedies are often broken up for different subsections of the population as well. One of hte most important difference is in cold medication for children or for infants. Growing children require different medication and need to have ingredients that don’t negatively impact them or their growth.

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