With So Much Misinformation, It's Good to Know the Truth About Autism

There are many people out there who have some or all of the conditions that make up autism. Autism is far more common in men than in women.

People with autism often don’t know they have it. Autism makes up a huge amount of different conditions.

Autism is typically picked up when people are young. The first signs of autism are typically in children between the ages of 2 and 3. This is because autism tends to cause delays in development. It takes some time for these to be apparent and to see that the child isn’t developing as quickly as others.

What is Autism?

Many people think Autism is a specific issue. However, Autism is a collection of conditions. People who are autistic may have a few of the conditions or many of them. This is why it’s referred to as the autism spectrum disorder. The autism “spectrum” is wide and can have a lot of different people in it.

Autism conditions very often affect the social skills of the affected person. This is because the issues will affect their language skills and the ability to respond or interact with other people. This becomes apparent as the child interacts with their parents and then with other children.

If you’re looking to spot autism in a child, it’s good to know what to look for. Many children will struggle with their speech. This can be a case where they will not learn words as quickly as others, or choose to not speak. There’s also many cases where these children speak in a monotone voice without emphasis and preferring repetitive words instead of expanding their vocabulary.

What Causes Autism?

The question as to what specifically causes Autism is one of the most hot button issues out there. There has been a large amount of misinformation that has been spread throughout the online community by people who have loud unsubstantiated opinions on the matter.

Right now it appears like autism is caused by differing influences. There are environmental issues and there are specific genetic markers that seem to be the leading cause of autism.

High Functioning Autism

The term high functioning autism is thrown around a lot. It’s given to people on the spectrum who are closer to what people consider “normal” cognitively. Typically, people who score a 70 IQ in tests is considered as high functioning. This just further displays the kind of spectrum and differences in autism that can occur. Some people confuse high functioning autism with asperger’s syndrome. The truth however is that Asperger’s syndrome is its own thing. Some people may have both, but the direct link is tenuous at best.

Autism in Adults

Since autism is such a spectrum, it’s possible that it won’t be noticed during childhood. In fact, there are many people that will make it to adulthood without having it diagnosed. These people can sometimes struggle socially. There are questionnaires that can be filled out to help people determine if they may be on the spectrum. These questionnaires can be filled out online or in person. If someone gets a high score on the test, they should check with their doctor.

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