Dental Whitening

Bright white teeth will have you smiling like you never have before. There are many options available to help you achieve white teeth, but the costs and results vary greatly.

If you are looking to get rid of stains and whiten your teeth you will need to consider your budget, expectations and tooth sensitivity level.

Whitening Products and Treatments

There are many dental whitening solutions available on the market. It is important to do a bit of personal research about whitening options to find out which one will be the best fit for your whitening needs. It is important to keep in mind that some whitening products can cause tooth or gum sensitivity. If you experience sensitivity, inflammation, or swelling of the gums you should discontinue use for a few days. You may need to decrease the duration and frequency in which you use the whitening product, or you may need to switch products entirely to minimize sensitivity.

Affordable Options

Whitening products and treatment systems are available at lower prices than ever before thanks to the wide variety available on the market. Many affordable dental whitening systems whiten your teeth at the surface level using bleach and mild surface abrasive agents. You should look up the customer reviews, ingredients and results online about the whitening treatment you are interested in. A few of the most popular affordable options include:

Whitening toothpastes

  • Whitening toothpastes are a type of surface dental whitener. Whitening toothpastes provide gentle whitening that occurs gradually over time through routine use. Whitening toothpastes are available for under $10 online and in stores. You can choose from a variety of different brands, flavors and whitening agents.

Whitening strips

  • Dental whitening strips are one of the most common ways people whiten their teeth affordably. Dental whitening strips are worn for a certain amount of time daily for a few weeks. If you experience tooth or gum sensitivity you should discontinue use for a few days. In order to see results you must follow the directions as listed.

Whitening chewing gums

  • There are many whitening chewing gums available that not only freshen your breath, but help to remove plaque and tarter that can accumulate after meals. Some whitening gums also contain whitening agents that can help to lift surface stains. Whitening gums are available in many different flavors and are a convenient way to whiten on the go.

Whitening Touch-up Pens

  • Whitening touch-up pens are used in conjunction with other whitening treatments such as whitening strips or toothpastes to prevent new stains from setting. Whitening touch-up pens are an affordable and convenient solution for whitening.

Professional Solutions

Whitening Multistep Treatments

  • There are many whitening multistep treatment options available that may include mouth guards, LED lights, gels and bleaches. It is very important to do your homework by looking at customer reviews so that you can find the best option for your needs. You should follow directions carefully to avoid tooth and gum sensitivity. Dental whitening multistep programs can cost upwards of $200 online and in stores.

Dental Clinic Whitening

  • Most dental clinics will offer professional whitening services. Dental clinic whitening services are by far the most expensive option, but they often give the best results. Dental clinic whitening services often include the use of a light, chemical agent or laser. It is important to keep in mind that most dental insurance companies will not cover cosmetic whitening treatments.

To keep your smile white and bright between whitening treatments you need to practice healthy dental habits including brushing, flossing and rinsing. You should also go for regular check-ups and cleanings at your dentist to make sure that your teeth and gums are in good condition. Shop and compare teeth whitening products and services to find the best treatment to meet your dental needs.

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