Deodorant Options Compared

Not all deodorants are created equal. There are some that do an excellent job of keeping us smelling fresh throughout an entire day. There are some that might work for a half hour before they basically have had enough.

Obviously you want to choose one that works for your body type and keeps you feeling great all the time!

Deodorant Vs. Antiperspirant

There is a common misconception that deodorant & antiperspirant is actually the same thing. While they do offer the same general goal of removing body odor from the underarm area, they go about it in a very different way.

Deodorants are all about removing the smell from sweat molecules. They will often do this through various versions of baking soda. The goal isn’t to stop the sweat, but to stop the smell of it. This can usually be quite good since sweat is how we cool down as people.

Antiperspirants try to stop the sweat from occurring in the first place. An antiperspirant works to close off the bodies pores before they can allow any sweat to be excreted. While this is in theory a good idea, the problem is it can heat up a person and cause them to sweat from other areas.

Deodorant Types

For years, people have used roll on deodorant as their only source. Roll on is dependable. It’s been there and provided relief for people for a long time. But it’s not the only option anymore. If there’s one thing we as consumers love, it’s having choices.

Currently the favorite type for many people is spray deodorant. While this has been around for a long time, it wasn’t nearly as popular thanks to the bulky containers that could have doubled as spray paint cans. Now however spray deodorant comes in smaller more convenient containers. These allow it to be easily transportable and taken anywhere they may be required. Spray deodorant also comes in a lot of great scents. The marketing for these scents has been pretty phenomenal. Axe has built itself from a great smelling spray deodorant for men into one of the most powerful men’s hygiene companies in the entire world.

Companies have tried a lot of the same things. Gel type deodorant was a big hit for a limited time until people realized that their skin felt wet and uncomfortable after using it. That’s sort of the opposite of the goal of dry nice smelling underarms.

Skin Types

In addition to staying dry, deodorant can help improve your skin and help it feel healthier. There’s a specific warning on all deodorants that if they cause irritation, then they should stop use. Additionally they shouldn’t be used on broken skin. However when the skin in its normal condition, deodorant can assist as long as you’re using the right one.

The main benefit from deodorant comes from moisturizing. While it used to dry skin out, there’s been a change in the production and philosophy of deodorant. Instead of just neutralizing smells at the cost of everything else, it’s now working to provide us other benefits as well. Many deodorants also include a large amount of moisturizer for dry skin. This helps keeps underarms smooth and soft. There are also options for people with oily skin to perform the exact same purpose.

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