Healthcare & Insurance

Healthcare and health insurance are very difficult topics in the United States. For a country that should have the best medical care in the entire world, it can sometimes seem like we’re having trouble getting it right.

It’s been proven that those who lack healthcare coverage are 40% more likely to die as a result of a lack of treatment.

The thing about being in good health is that it can all change in the blink of an eye. One moment and one accident can suddenly throw your entire world upside down. If you haven’t prepared for the moment, then you are going to be completely thrown off and in huge trouble. Without the proper health insurance you could be facing life changing bills.

So what’s the right decision? That’s sometimes very difficult to decide. There are an immense amount of companies and organizations trying to tell us what the right option is for healthcare. Healthcare prices for the same procedure can be vastly different from one local clinic to another. The best way to deal with the disarray and seeming chaos of the healthcare system is to simply get a good insurance plan and stick with it.

Healthcare Insurance

Our best way to be sure of our future health is to make sure that we get proper healthcare insurance. Ideally every American can afford and pay for their own healthcare insurance. The vast majority of healthcare insurance providers are companies doing it for profit. However there are also many organizations that function as a not for profit organization, only charging what is needed to keep the organization afloat. Finding healthcare insurance is a balancing act between the cost of the insurance against the services that are being offered.

Health Insurance Plans

There are a lot of companies that offer up health insurance plans. Some are small, some are immense. Some specialize and given extra benefits to specific medical issues. Here are some of the health insurance plans you’re likely to find across the United States:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield - Truly an immense organization covering the entire United States through various branches
  • Aetna - This is an insurance company with a mixed reaction. Diabetics have been known to be unhappy with the coverage and should avoid it.
  • UnitedHealthCare - This company is known to have a large coverage area with a lot of potential clinics and doctors.
  • Cigna - Cigna tends to be very well loved by its members and continues to grow. While they don’t always cover every area, Cigna is known for excellent customer service and customer treatment.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

The Blue Cross Blue Shield organization is one of the largest healthcare providers in the entire United States. Some people have called them an HMO. However, the truth is that they function as a bit of a hybrid between an HMO and a PPO. Blue Cross Blue Shield is actually an amalgamation of 36 health insurance companies. This means that people who subscribe to Blue Cross Blue Shield services don’t necessarily only need to deal with physicians who have been chosen by their primary healthcare provider and can choose from more physicians.

Currently Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the largest health organizations in the united states. Their health insurance plans are available through regional branches like Alabama Blue Cross or Florida Blue Cross.