Hearing Assistance Products Can Give You Back Your Hearing

Everyone appreciates their hearing. Whether you enjoy the sounds of a classic opera, the bass of a thumping metal concert or merely the cry of a songbird, nobody wants to sacrifice their hearing.

Unfortunately that happens for many people. Often as we age, our hearing becomes much weaker and we are unable to listen to the fine details we have before. Conversations can be particularly difficult to sort out from background noise.

Thankfully there are aids to assist us when our hearing struggles grow. Like any medical issue, there is a market for people to provide assistance. Also like most medical issues, hearing aids have become much better as technology has improved. Today, hearing aids are miniscule and provide incredible hearing for those who would otherwise have none.

Hearing Aids and Amplifiers

The most common hearing assistance produces on the market are commonly referred to as either a hearing aid or a hearing amplifier. However these function in different ways and assist in different ways.

Hearing Amplifiers work on a pretty simple premise. Hearing amplifiers take in all sound that they encounter and they amplify it with no differentiation. They work well enough at what they are supposed to do. These amplifiers are portable and wearable devices. Technology continues to improve and the size of them has continued to shrink accordingly.

Hearing aids function in a more powerful and technologically advanced way. Hearing aids don’t just amplify sounds. They are able to choose which sounds should be amplified. This means that people who live near a highway don’t need to have that wonderful symphony of traffic amplified, but can instead hear conversations and the simple things of life much better. Hearing aid technology has really come a long way.

Hearing aids come in a variety of different styles. The traditional style is with one that is located behind the ear with it leading to the transmitter in the year. There are also micro versions of this style. These are referred to as BTE and mBTE hearing aids. A CIC hearing aid is one that is located completely in the ear canal. These are very small and often more expensive. Unfortunately they are not directional microphones, so background noise can be high in these types. There are also larger canal versions like IIC and ITE hearing aids. These are slightly larger and look much like bluetooth earbud speakers do.

There are also items like an assistive listening device. These work in a similar fashion, but are specifically used to amplify things like conversation somewhere it’s very loud like a restaurant.

Hearing Aid Prices

Unfortunately, hearing aids are not cheap. They tend to be one of the more expensive medical items and are rarely covered by insurance providers. What makes it worse is most people lose their hearing in both ears and thus need two hearing aids.

Prices will start around the $1,000 mark. These will get very basic hearing aids that are closer to hearing amplifiers. Better ones with better technology and options will rise in price up to around the $4,000 range. This is a significant investment certainly, but people who suddenly have the world opened up to them again are well willing to pay it.

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