How Sex Reassignment Surgery Works

We finally live in a time when people are free to to live as the gender they truly identify as. Being able to live free as the person you are on the inside is a remarkable relief for people who have been forced to live in the shadows.

Sadly there are still many people who are uncomfortable with transgender people. Their prejudice remains strong. Thankfully there is also a huge number of people who are comfortable and understanding. They see no difference in transgender people which is fantastic.

Sex reassignment therapy typically refers to all procedures that are required in the transition process. These treatments and procedures allow people to generate the primary and secondary sexual characteristics of the genders they identify with. Those who go on to gender reassignment therapy tend to alter their name and role within society.

Sex Reassignment Surgery

The essence of sex reassignment therapy is the the sex reassignment surgery aspect of it. Sex reassignment surgery allows those to change their outside body to match their body on the inside.

Sexual reassignment surgery will start with the primary sexual characteristics. Following that, it will move on to secondary sex characteristics. This is typically completed through hormone therapies.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is one of the most important and crucial parts of gender transitioning. The hormone levels as people grow is a huge part of why they develop in the way that they do. Changing hormones is a crucial process of the transition period. Depending on the body’s reaction to the new hormones, it can produce a large amount of the results people are looking for.

Hormone therapy can also reduce the amount of procedures required. For example, trans women can avoid breast implant surgery if the hormone therapy produces natural breasts. Hormone therapy is one of the most important parts of sex reassignment therapy and gender transitioning.

Female to Male Surgery

Unsurprisingly there are different requirements for sex reassignment therapy depending on which way the transition is moving. Trans men have several procedures they must go through. In addition to hormone treatment,the physical requirements are high. Surgery is typically done to removed the female breasts and to shape the chest into a male form. A hysterectomy is performed to remove internal organs as well. After that, there will either be a metoidioplasty or phalloplasty to provide a penis.

Male to Female Surgery

Trans women also feature quite a few treatments and surgeries. The most common one is the forming of a penile inversion, or creation of a neo-vagina. This is typically considered one of the milestones of many transitions. There may also be facial surgery to highlight feminine features and permanent hair removal procedures in other areas.

Psychological Counseling

The importance of hormone therapy to the entire process of sex reassignment therapy is hard to understate. However, one of the requirements to hormone therapy is often a required psychological counseling session.

This is not because it’s deemed wrong, but because the transition is so important and so serious that many people can use some help as they go through it. The hormone changes are going to affect each individual differently as their body chemistry changes. Some assistance in managing and living with those changes can only help. 

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