Keep Your Skin Healthy and Avoid Razor Burn

There’s nothing quite like the feeling after a good shave. A man’s face feels soft and smooth after dealing with excess facial hair. The clean cut look will always be in style and a good shave is a crucial part of that.

While shaving looks and can feel great, it’s not always good for a man’s skin. Oftentimes incorrect shaving techniques leads to razor burn. 

Razor burn is uncomfortable. It also is unsightly with red bumps and stings when touched. Razor burn is common for people with sensitive skin. Unfortunately, sensitive skin is not a minority condition. Around half of all men report suffering from sensitive skin. Therefore to help avoid suffering from razor burn, products and techniques designed around avoiding razor burn and protecting a man’s skin. 

Proper Handheld Shaving Technique

Everyone has seen the standard handheld razor design. This evolved from the straight razor and has continued to be improved. Today, many brands feature incredibly thin blades which cut better and are less likely to cause razor burn. Some feature moisturizer on the areas around the blades to minimize issues.

However, the best way to help avoid razor burn is to always use proper technique. If you’re going to shave manually with a razor, try following these steps:

  1. Wet Skin - The best time to shave is when the skin is moist and warm. After a hot shower is a great time to shave because it’s less likely for dead skin cells or excess oil in the face to get in the way. 
  2. Use Proper Shaving Cream and Wait - If you’re concerned about razor burn, then a sensitive skin shaving cream is the choice to make. If you apply the cream using a shave brush, it can also lift the hairs, making it easier to shave. The aspect that’s often forgotten is to let the cream sit for a couple of minutes. This allows it to soften up the hairs. 
  3. Shave “With The Grain” - Not everyone understands what this means. But it’s always important to shave in the direction that hair is growing. Going against that can result in razor burn very easily. 
  4. Rinse Correctly - Rinse the razor with hot water after each swipe. When done, immediately rinse your face with some cold water. If possible, put some moisturizer on the face as well. It will close the pores and ensure some of the moisture is trapped in the skin, keeping it hydrated. 

Proper Electric Shaving Technique

Electric razors can be very convenient. The thought of not needing to lather up each time can be appealing to men who shave consistently. However, electric razors can also cause razor burn. Unlike manual razors, the exact technique to be used will depend on the design of the razor. Flat razors run in straight lines, circular tri blade razors require being moved in small circles on the face. It’s common to just throw out a manual, but in this case, it’s good to read one. Regardless of the type, use the right angle to get a close, but comfortable shave. Electric shavers generate some heat. It’s best to start with areas that are most vulnerable to razor burn like the neck. That way it’s still cooler and generation less friction.

Regardless of the type, electric razors will often generate some razor burn when they are first used. The body is getting used to change in shaving methods. Stick with it, but follow instructions if the razor burn is getting to be too much. 

Popular Brands

It’s certainly very difficult to say outright which are the best razors for men. Choosing mens razors for sensitive skin often comes down to personal taste. The best razors for men with sensitive skin will probably come from one of these companies: 

  • Gillette - Gillette remains the biggest name in men’s shaving. Their products include the Mach 4 and Mach 5 razors as well as disposable options. Gillette also makes shaving creams and after shaves designed to help keep away razor burn and the skin moisturized and comfortable. 
  • Braun - Braun features a large series of electric razors running from the Series 3 to the Series 9. The Series 5 WaterFlex is designed as a wet/dry razor which will should work well for sensitive skin sufferers, since they can use shaving cream for some additional comfort. 
  • - Harry’s started as an online shaving alternative which has continues to explode in popularity. Their products often have lower price points than some of their competitors. Harry’s has also expanded into a large variety of facial care products to help skin stay healthy. They package together their razors, blades and gels together into packages. 
  • Schick - Schick has seemed to play second fiddle to Gillette for a long period of time, but they certainly have many customers who swear by them. Some claim their blades last longer than those from Gillette. Schick was one of the first to include moisturizer on their razors with the Hydro series of products.