Lemongrass Can Be Beneficial To Many Health Situations

Herbal medicine has never been more popular. Natural remedies are on the rise as people get sick of the long list of painful side effects that seem to be accompanying every pill or powder.

Herbal medicine is a great alternative, or more often an even better supplement to assist in treating some of life’s tedious diseases and conditions. 

In response, many people have turned to herbs. There’s a wide variety of herbs which can have health benefits. There are also many different ways to take herbal medicines. Many herbs are brewed into a tea which is drunk for the benefits. Other herbs are infused into oils, which are applied to the skin. Some are turned into an extract. Lemongrass is one of the most impressive herbs available. It can be used for several different conditions and used in versatile ways as discussed above. 

What is Lemongrass?

As mentioned, lemongrass is an herb. It started in areas in India. It’s now grown in many different places all around the world and there are over 55 different . The stalks of lemongrass is a staple in many asian cuisines. 

The medicinal benefits of lemongrass are currently under further study. There are many claims that it can provide excellent prevention and recovery from issues like anemia and even heart disease. The most common way that lemongrass is used medicinally is through a tea brewed from the leaves. Some conditions are better treated by lemongrass oils. 

Lemongrass Tea

As mentioned, lemongrass tea is the main way it’s used. Lemongrass tea is made from the leaves. In combination herbal teas, lemongrass is used to give that distinct tart “lemon” flavor, as opposed to actual lemons being used. 

When people drink tea, they are taking advantage of the health benefits. Lemongrass tea has often been shown to have some benefit in stopping yeast infections and bacteria. Lemongrass tea can also provide some pain relief, and relax inflammation. This makes it a natural choice for people with arthritis. It’s also thought that lemongrass can help keep blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels in check. Lemongrass tea has a large amount of antioxidants. 

Conditions Lemongrass Helps Treat

Lemongrass tea certainly has a large number of different benefits to the body. All of these benefits can assist a number of conditions. Some of the conditions that people swear by lemongrass include: 

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis - This kind of arthritis is a chronic condition caused by inflammation. Pain and inflammation are often helped by drinking lemongrass tea. 
  • Yeast Infections - Lemongrass can help prevent people from getting a yeast infection. This is especially true with people who suffer from oral yeast infections (thrush). 
  • Anemia - Anemia is when a person doesn’t develop enough red blood cells. There are various causes, with a lack of iron in the body being the most common. Lemongrass has shown some excellent results in helping stimulate the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells. 
  • Dandruff - Dandruff is a simple condition in which the scalp becomes very dry and flakes off. It can be socially embarrassing. Using a lemongrass oil and applying it to the scalp can help fight dandruff for some people. 
  • Anxiety - People who suffer from high levels of stress and anxiety often find that a cup of lemongrass tea at the right time can help reduce excess anxiety. 

These are only a few of the conditions which are improved by lemongrass, and some very basic information. Learning more about lemongrass can be done online, through doctors or herbal experts. 

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