Myths and Truth About the Effect of Deodorant on Men's Health

Many aspects of health and hygiene often go hand in hand. Deodorant is one of these. Often pushed aside as a way to simply not smell poorly, deodorant can have some benefits on health as well! There are plenty of conditions in which a person sweats excessively.

Confidence and mental health can get stronger when a man isn’t worried about body odor. 

The terms deodorant and antiperspirant tend to get fairly interchangeably. In reality, all antiperspirants are deodorants, while not all deodorants contain the ingredients to assist with stopping perspiration. For the purposes of this article, they will typically be used together, and both benefits assumed to be in play. Read on to learn more about some of the popular brands, what their health benefits are, and some deodorant myths. 

Health Benefits of Deodorant

Many people don’t think of deodorant as something which can have obvious health benefits. They simply think of the fact that it stops men odor from spreading to the people around them. However, a good deodorant will help with skin health. It will help keep the skin in areas moisturized and feeling smooth and soft. 

Mens body odor is not the only issue. Many men suffer from hyperhidrosis (which is known as excessive sweating). In this case, men will suffer from excessive sweating regardless of temperature, activity or other cases. Deodorant/antiperspirant combinations are very important in treating hyperhidrosis. Typically these will be aluminum based options, but there are also aluminum chloride heavy duty formulas. 

Deodorant also actually performs an excellent role in mental health. People who use a good deodorant feel confident and safe. Their social lives improve (or at least, are not damaged) and they are able to meet new people while knowing that their first impression will not be damaged by their own body odor. All it takes is a good deodorant for men. 

Deodorant Health Myths

Walking through any health or organic beauty store will show off dozens of deodorants which are proud to be “aluminum free”. Aluminium is an active ingredient in many deodorants. It’s chosen because it blocks pores which are producing sweat. There are many claims that this aluminum is dangerous and can cause cancer. 

Quite simply, this has been debunked. Aluminum is specifically chosen because it stays on the skin and isn’t absorbed into the body. Using deodorant with aluminum is no different than touching some tinfoil. So why is this myth so common? Some people want 100% “natural” ingredients in everything they do. Others use it as a marketing ploy. Many aluminum free options are very expensive, yet sell well. There is one exception to aluminum deodorant harming people though. Some people may be allergic to aluminum. Obviously, for those cases, alternatives should be south. 

Popular Deodorant for Men

There are a lot of popular deodorants out there for men. Advertising for deodorant and other hygiene products is fierce. Whether it’s gel, roll on or spray deodorant for men,everyone is trying to sell their products. These are some of the most popular deodorant brands on the market today: 

  • Axe - Axe may be the number one product used by younger men in the world. Known for their impressive collection of scents, Axe started as a spray deodorant for men, before evolving to all kinds of hygiene products. Today, Axe offers a full line of different scents in their deodorants. 
  • Dove - The Dove Men+Care line has brought them to the forefront of men’s deodorant. Dove products focus on trying to keep skin healthy and hydrated, with their deodorant being no different. Dove has expanded to include spray deodorants and have different options for people trying to avoid stains or who will be active while using it. 
  • Degree - Degree has been offering a wide variety of products to men. Their antiperspirant and deodorant have often been advertised as being activated by heat, so that it works more when you sweat more. Degree also has a clinical protection line that is ideal for people with hyperhidrosis. 
  • Old Spice - Perhaps the kinds of advertising, Old Spice remains a very popular deodorant choice. Old Spice has been providing deodorant for decades and their traditional formula is still popular. Their newer and more experimental fragrances are available as well. What do “Bearglove”, “Wolfthorn”, and “Krakengard” smell like? While it’s not the named animals, you’ll have to smell them to find out.