Protect Your Hearing and Avoid Hearing Loss

Everyone values their senses. The phrase beauty is in the eye of the beholder is only wrong because beauty doesn’t need to be visual. There is beauty in every sense a person has.

An incredible meal is beauty for the tastebuds. The feel of a cashmere sweater is beauty on the fingers. One of the most beautiful things is finding music or a symphony that just inspires you. Music moves people and the loss of it can be very difficult for people.

When people start to lose their hearing, they often struggle to handle the changes. Hearing is so crucial to our day to day lives that its loss can be keenly felt. A huge amount of our communications has an audio component to it. Simply being able to have a conversation with someone can become very tricky.

There are steps that can be taken to try to help with someone who is suffering from hearing loss. Medical research continues to be completed with the hope that one day, hearing loss can be completely prevented.

Hearing Tests

While many people are used to taking an eye exam, there’s not a lot of people who will visit an audiologist to get regular checks of their hearing. It’s good to know if your hearing is decreasing because you can stop any activities that may be accelerating those issues.

There are a lot of different types of testing that audiologists might put a patient through. One of the first is simple speech testing. These tests check the ability to understand speech in quiet and in noisy environments. If there is a significant difference, it can be a common clue of potential hearing loss. There is also testing called “Pure Tone Testing”. This method will try to determine the hearing range of the patient intended. They will play sounds at specific frequencies until the patient can no longer hear. This can determine how their hearing stands against other people, but also how it stands against previous tests. This will give some obvious data to compare against and help determine potential hearing loss.

There are other tests like auditory brainstem response test and otoacoustic emissions tests. The audiologist will determine what exactly needs to be tested through their examination of each individual patient.

Hearing Aids

Many people who struggle with hearing loss have the ability to turn to hearing aids. Hearing aids pick up the sounds that are coming from the environment around them and then amplify them as they enter into the ear.

Hearing aids have greatly increased in complexity. They have shrunk in size and it’s often difficult to see them when someone is wearing them as they ride deep inside the ear. These hearing aids are easier to charge and provide better sound.

There are also temporary hearing aids that can be used in specific situations. Some people only struggle hearing when it’s a busy area and many other people are talking. They can pop in their hearing aid and be fine at that time.


Many people suffer from a hearing problem known as tinnitus. It’s very common and occurs mostly when the hair cells in the cochlea are damaged. This also happens when people are constantly exposed to loud or piercing noises.

There are many symptoms that people can expect to deal with. Typically those with tinnitus constantly hear noises like whistling or ringing in their ears when there are no other sounds around. No one else can hear it. Many people with mild or moderate tinnitus need to sleep with a fan or white noise machine to help avoid hearing the noises and sleep comfortably.

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