The Effect of Women's Deodorant On Skin Health

Every woman appreciates a good scent. It’s more satisfactory when that scent is coming from yourself. Sweat and women's body odor can mar that feeling. In addition, it’s difficult to feel fresh if you’re dealing with body odor.

Deodorant is typically the answer to these situations. 

Deodorant can do more than just keep a woman smelling great. Deodorant can offer some health benefits as well. Deodorant comes in many formulas and delivery methods. Regardless of whether it’s a stick, wipe or spray, deodorant does the job. Many people find the ingredients in deodorant to be of particular importance. A large number of natural and even vegan options have come to market and are now enjoyed by people around the world. Take this chance to learn more about deodorant, how it can help a woman’s health and which popular brands are worth taking notice of. 

The Roll of Deodorant

It’s shown that in most cases, women don’t sweat nearly as much as men. This also applies to their underarm areas. Sweat carries women’s body odor, making it more obvious to those around them. Since women sweat less, many products for women are designed to help the skin. Moisturizers are very common. Since the underarm area does need odor protection, why not double down and ensure that it also gets proper moisturizing at the same time?

While most women tend to sweat and smell less than men, some women suffer from what’s known as hyperhidrosis. This is a condition which causes excessive sweating. 

In some cases, women’s odor can cause poor self image. Confidence socially or at school/work can drop. In some cases, this can be the first steps to depression or other mental health conditions. Eliminating odor negates this potential and ensures that every woman feels confident in their olfactory appearance. It can be from all areas, or excess sweating in the underarms, palms of hands or soles of feet. In these cases, a good deodorant/antiperspirant will help to control the amount of sweat and avoid staining clothing repeatedly. 

Popular Brands of Deodorant

Women’s deodorant provides many options. Traditional roll ons have been redesigned for better application. Spray deodorant for women has taken a large step forward and are regularly available. Each brand has their own benefits. Some of the most popular and impressive brands are: 

  • Suave - Suave is easily available in spray, stick, roll on or aerosol options. In addition, they offer both regular and clinical strength. In addition to neutralizing female body odor, their scents are quite relaxing and cheerful. Whether you choose “Sweet Pea and Violet” or “Coconut Kiss”, you’ll be choosing a relaxing scent that never overpowers. 
  • Degree - Degree Women is the counter to their Men+Care line and focuses particularly on the needs of a woman. Whether their standard products, dry spray or extensive clinical protection line, degree has a good deodorant or antiperspirant for every situation. Degree even has a line of deodorant wipes. These towelettes are perfect for a discreet touch-up near the end of the day. 
  • Dove - Dove has always been known for their keen eye towards the health of a woman’s skin. Their deodorants typically contain large amount of moisturizer. Their new dry antiperspirant is an interesting and new option. It’s much softer than traditional deodorants, and feels like applying a gentle soothing cream. Their Invisible spray deodorant is also excellent. 
  • Secret - Secret has one of the best deodorants for women who suffer from excessive sweating. Their clinical strength option is very well regarded. In addition, they also have created a spherical deodorant. It’s small and easily fits into a purse for easy use while travelling.