The Keys to Spotting ADD and ADHD

There are many people who point to ADD and ADHD and claim that modern science is making things up to medicate our children. The truth about ADD and ADHD is that modern science is finally able to diagnose something that has been around and in children for as long as there has been children.

Children diagnosed with both add and adhd find their lives to be more hectic and they can be a handful for both their parents and their educators. These children often struggle with issues at both home and school because of it. Adults who continue on with ADD and ADHD may struggle in a similar fashion with their own relationships and oftentimes have very addictive personalities.

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is most commonly found in children and one of the most common mental disorders in the world. ADHD manifests itself as a struggle to control oneself. This tends to be shown through difficulty with communication and focus.

Those with ADHD or ADD can find it difficult to stay still and act as if they are endless sources of energy. In addition they find that they will be easily distracted and don’t perform tasks nearly as well as they could without it.

ADD and ADHD Symptoms

There are many symptoms that will allow people to recognize both ADD and its hyperactive cousin ADHD. These symptoms change between children and adulthood, though there are some thematic similarities. Here are many of the symptoms to look for in children:

  • Being Easily Distracted - Many children with add and adhd are easily distracted. Some argue that all children are easily distracted, but this is a severe issue.
  • Organizational Difficulty - Children with ADD and ADHD struggle to organize their lives. This isn’t long range planning, but short term daily issues like completing homework or doing chores.
  • Excess Daydreaming - Those with ADD may often seem to “wander off”. It appears they are daydreaming and they very much struggle to listen to something for extended periods of time.
  • Careless Mistakes - Those with ADD are often seen rushing through their activities and can make accidental avoidable mistakes.
  • Constant Movement - Those with ADD and ADHD struggle to stay still. They often squirm, fidget and move around constantly. This can be considered as restlessness. Many will not remain in their seats during school as they feel the urge to keep moving.
  • Speed Talking - Many children with ADD and ADHD speak quickly and constantly.

For adults the symptoms tend to change. Adults with ADD and ADHD tend to have their symptoms manifest as emotional issues. Here are some of the adult symptoms:

  • Anger Management - Many with ADD and ADHD as an adult will often seem to overreact to situations and struggle to control their anger.
  • Time Management Problems - ADD and ADHD often causes people to struggle with being on time for work. They tend to be chronically late.
  • Anxiety Issues - Many suffer from anxiety and paranoid moments thanks to ADD.
  • Low Self Esteem - Those with ADD often have low self esteem and feel they are lesser than they could be due to their mental affliction.
  • Procrastinators - Those with ADD tend to avoid performing tasks they need to and find themselves bored with their day to day activities.  
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