The Popularity of Natural Medical Treatments Continues to Rise!

The pharmaceutical industry has continued to grow by leaps and bounds as they’ve managed to create new drugs to cure what ails us. But is their goal really to heal? Or is it to make money?

There are many people who are fed up with the cash grab that prescription drugs are.

Many people want more natural options that will allow them to heal without having to resort to harsh man made drugs.

For these people there are thankfully a large number of alternative and natural medicinal options. These natural cures allow people to keep to fresh and organic options. That way they know exactly what is being put into their body.

Holistic Cures

Holistic medicine and holistic cures are a different way of thinking of medicine. Instead of merely considering physical issues, holistic medicine endeavours to take care of the mind and spirit as well.

Holistic medicine sometimes gets a bad rap. People sometimes think of it as quackery. However holistic medicine doesn’t eschew traditional pharmaceuticals entirely. It mixes them in with alternative therapies to try to bring the patient the most well rounded treatment for both their mind and soul.

Natural Healing Herbs

The power of healing herbs has been used since the dark ages and well before that. Many people originally noticed healing powers in herbs while drinking tea or other things. That grew and had many people test the herbs they came across to try to determine their healing prowess. Much of the medicinal industry has been built upon the power of herbs and it’s these herbs that have been synthesized into prescription drugs.

There are many herbs that are known to have healing prowess. Some provide mild to moderate benefits, while some have excellent benefits to people who use them. Here are some common herbs that can be used for healing:

  • Catnip - This herb will make you mischievous and aloof. You may feel an urge to lick things. Okay, what it really does is help soothe anxiety and upset stomach when used in a tea form.
  • Chasteberry - this herb is excellent at assisting women with PMS. It is most commonly taken as a capsule.
  • Elderberry - These ancient berries are useful, as is the flowers that they come with. The berries are turned into an extract which has proven valuable against the fly. The flowers are made into a wonderful tea that assists with colds, flus and minor viral issues.
  • Ginger - In addition to tasting great, ginger has long been known to assist with nausea and upset stomach. Ginger tea is the best way, but there are also capsules and other forms that are great as well.

This is only a small sample of the huge number of potential healing herbs there are out there to sample from.


It’s nearly impossible to talk about alternative medicine and not include acupuncture in the list. Acupuncture has been around for centuries, but has tended to go in and out of style. Currently, many people swear by acupuncture and the discipline continues to grow.

Acupuncture has been founded on the belief that a body needs to have a proper energy balance. By using pins on pressure points, acupuncture allows energy to flow properly through a human body. This energy allows people to feel better both physically and mentally. It assists with emotional disorders and a whole host of other issues that people have like muscle problems, nerve problems and digestive issues.

Acupuncture should only be performed by a trained specialist. If done incorrectly, acupuncture can cause more problems than it solves. When done correctly however, acupuncture results in people who feel more rested, more comfortable and have an overall better outlook on their life.

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